Seasonal gift cards

On sale now! Just in time for the holidays!

Gift cards for:

any bikram yoga pass

product (yoga matts, bags, clothes)

or amount

You can pay cash, card or bank transfer

We don’t send them by mail

Collect your card in the studio

We can send e-mail confirmation

Cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase

One month for 320 zł

Cost calculation:
Practice 2 times a week – 40 zł per class
Practice 3 times a week – 26 zł per class
Practice 4 times a week – 20 zł per class
Practice 5 times a week – 16 zł per class

  • Practice unlimited yoga.
  • Attend any class anytime on our schedule.
  • Suitable for persons practicing two times or more per week.
  • No extra membership costs.
  • A twelve month commitment is required for this membership option.
  • It is possible to suspend the membership up to 45 days during the year.
  • This membership is not transferable.
  • This promotion may not be combined with other offers.

More information at the reception.

Bring 2 people – get a free pass

  • If you bring two new people who buy 80 zł passes, you will get a free pass for 10 days

First pass – 20% discount

  • This pass can be purchased before the last day of your Starter Pass
  • Buy any pass to get 20% off the price
  • This pass is not transferrable
  • This pass is valid from the first class (not the date of purchase)
  • You have to start using it within 2 months from the date of purchase

5% off for your next pass

  • If you buy your next pass or subscription before the end of your current pass
  • This offer is not transferrable