Bikram yoga workshop at Galiny Palace

Date: 4 – 7 April, 2019

Price: 1000 zł per person

Price without yoga:  700 zł, children 3-12 year old – 400 zł, babies 0-3 year old – 0 zł

Price includes

3 nights in a double room

6 bikram yoga classes / workshops in a hot room

3 meals a day – breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner

Vegeterian or vegan meals available




Single room – add 70 zł per night (210 zł total)

Child care

Horse riding for beginners and advanced

Russian sauna

Horse and carriage ride

Rental bikes


More information – Pałac Galiny


Registration closes September 16, 2018

Deposit 400 zł

No cancellations after March 25th


One month for 320 zł

Cost calculation:
Practice 2 times a week – 40 zł per class
Practice 3 times a week – 26 zł per class
Practice 4 times a week – 20 zł per class
Practice 5 times a week – 16 zł per class

  • Practice unlimited yoga.
  • Attend any class anytime on our schedule.
  • Suitable for persons practicing two times or more per week.
  • No extra membership costs.
  • A twelve month commitment is required for this membership option.
  • It is possible to suspend the membership up to 45 days during the year.
  • This membership is not transferable.
  • This promotion may not be combined with other offers.

More information at the reception.

Bring 2 people – get a free pass

  • If you bring two new people who buy 80 zł passes, you will get a free pass for 10 days

First pass – 20% discount

  • This pass can be purchased before the last day of your Starter Pass
  • Buy any pass to get 20% off the price
  • This pass is not transferrable
  • This pass is valid from the first class (not the date of purchase)
  • You have to start using it within 2 months from the date of purchase

5% off for your next pass

  • If you buy your next pass or subscription before the end of your current pass
  • This offer is not transferrable