Bikram yoga retreat in Galiny. 

3 – 6 November 2022.



1200 PLN per person (3 nights in a double room)
1500 PLN per person (3 nights in a single room) – reserve list if singles are available
children 3-12 years – 400 zł
children 0-3 years – 0 PLN

dog – 60 zł

The price includes:

6 bikram yoga lessons in the hot room, including 2 workshops with additional instructions
3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner
Choice of standard, vegetarian or vegan diet

Tourist attractions / services with a surcharge at the hotel

Horse riding for beginners and advanced
Horse-drawn carriage rides
Bike rental
More on the  Pałac Galiny   website  

Thermal Springs with swimming pools 25 min. drive.

Registration and payments are accepted until October 22, 2022.

Payment only after prior reservation.

Our account:

Bikram Yoga Warsaw
Account No. 70 1240 2223 1111 0010 3489 2805
Bank Pekao SA
Title: introduction to Galina’s yoga (exactly to the word)

After October 22, 2022 we do not refund the costs.

Bring 2 people – get a free pass

  • If you bring two new people who buy 100 zł starter passes, you will get a free pass for 10 days.

New classes! Inferno Hot Pilates, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Power Hour, Bikram Yoga Express

All new and existing passes to our studio have just been expanded with new classes in the schedule!
Try our Hot Vinyasa on Saturdays at 4 pm – yoga in its pure form, with smooth transitions to subsequent asanas, requiring concentration and coordination.
Power Hour on Tuesdays at 8.15 pm – short and dynamic vinyasa classes.
And Inferno Hot Pilates on Thursdays at 8.30 pm. An hour of intense workout, great for abdominal muscles, burning calories, improving cardio.
Our new classes are not as hot as Bikram yoga – but you’ll sweat the same!

Bikram Yoga Express – this is our most recent offer. 26 postures of classic yoga known from the bikram yoga sequence. These classes are designed for people who prefer practice without additional heating. Our room is always warm, during classes it will be about 30 – 35 ° C. This session is shorter, lighter and less intense than bikram yoga. The lesson lasts 60 minutes. The cost is 45 PLN for single class.

First pass – 20% discount

  • This pass can be purchased before the last day of your Starter Pass
  • Buy any pass to get 20% off the price
  • This pass is not transferrable
  • This pass is valid from the first class (not the date of purchase)
  • You have to start using it within 2 months from the date of purchase

5% off for your next pass

  • If you buy your next pass or subscription before the end of your current pass
  • This offer is not transferrable