Price list

Introductory package
100 zł*
(unlimited classes for 10 consecutive days)
First monthly pass
360 zł**
(unlimited classes for 31 consecutive days)
1 class
60 zł


(6 months valid)
5 classes
265 zł (53 zł per class)
10 classes
480 zł (48 zł per class)
20 classes
860 zł (43 zł per class)


6 months
2100 zł (29 zł class***)
3 months
1150 zł (32 zł per class)
1 month
450 zł (37 zł per class)

* Introductory package is a one-time offer for new students. No other discounts apply.

** This is a one-time offer for new students. Can only be purchased before the end of your Introductory package.

***Price per lesson if you are practicing an average of 3 times a week.

Packages and subscriptions are not transferable. Students (up to age 26), and pensioners receive a 20% discount on passes. (This discount can be used together with other pomotions.)